About - Kevin Captures
Shooting Star over Mount Whymper<br />
Kootenay National Park, Alberta, Canada

Based in NYC, USA.

Kevin Cochran (est. 1989) still misses the lightheadedness and finger-nail-discoloration caused by fixer. The passion for creative photography, first discovered in a 7th grade darkroom, is still strong and evolving. The current focus is travel, long exposure, and night sky photography using mirrorless camera systems.

He's one of those people you see in a coffee shop mid-afternoon and prompts the thought, "do these people have jobs?" Actually, yes.

Based in New York City, Kevin works as a Technical Director in a live TV control room, pushing pixels to millions of eyes each night. By day, he seeks creative and innovative projects with similar ambitious types and climbs fake rocks. 

If you have creative ideas and wish to develop them, send a message!

Electronic Mail: info@kevincaptures.com

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